Our olive oil

Our olive oil is completely yield, accomplished and inspected, with care and passion, by the Vittoriosi family and it is a pleasure for us to share it with our guests.

Farm Business

The Farm is specialist in production of  extravirgin olive  oil, which takes the name from the agritourism, Podere il Griccia.

The olive grave, which counts more than thousand plants, is composed by different Tuscan species such as leccino, frantoio, moraiolo and gentile; all these species mixed together give birth to a fragrant and rich oil with an intense colour, ready to be used with bruschetta or in some other uses as Tuscan tradition wants.


Our family carefully carries out all the agronomic procedures, plantation, harvest, transformation (the milling is within 24 hours from the harvest) and bottling to grant freshness and trueness of variety of our oil.


Harvesting depends on weather trend and on plants but, normally, it occurs between the end of October and the middle of November. From a quantitative point of view, this process schedule considerably disadvantages the production of oil but, at the same time, offers a high quality product as it maintains all the typical Tuscan organoleptic characteristics. The harvesting is entirely handpicked, as tradition wants. This method, called cropping, in terms of time and costs is quite heavy but it permits to obtain, within 24 hours after the harvest, olives without any dents or foreign bodies.


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